Reflections of Creativity


Reflections of Creativity
by: Patricia Breed

I love the snow falling gently to the ground,
Big lacy flakes, dancing all around.
They scatter here and flutter there
Floating downward, everywhere.

I love the rain during the freeze,
Coating with ice, the grass and trees.
Then sunlight sparkles on glistening jewels,
Pleased with his work, God shelves his tools.

Angels burst forth in a joyful song
That brightens our lives all day long.
Who says God retired when creation was done?
He fills the world with rainbows, His victory won.

He sculpts the earth with blustery gale,
And pounds it out with wave and hail.
He paints His rosy glow in each sunset.
You see, God still needs a creative outlet!

How could one live their whole life and not see,
That God is all, and always shall be?
It’s beyond understanding, and yet I know
God is the Creator and deigned it so.

So obedience we learn as we go our way,
Reading God’s word, praying each day.
Listening and heeding His great command
To share His gift throughout the lands.

 For if we don’t, we miss the joy He would give,
Our lives are His, not ours to live.
His purpose for us is to do His work,
We miss the blessing when our part we shirk.

His work will be done by others if we fail
To obey and heed His call to the trail.
The blessings we lose if we ignore His call,
For His love is freely given for all.

So choose you this day to be selfish or not,
As for me and mine, we cast our lot
With the LORD above to carry our load,
Freeing us up to travel His road.

What He asks, He will honor and provide
He’ll hold us tight in His arms so wide,
He’ll daily meet our every need,
Freeing us to spread His precious seed.

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