Bra and Socks Optional

Wow.  It’s the middle of November!  Where has the time gone???  The holidays are imminent and there is so MUCH to do, so LITTLE time and ZERO energy!!!!  This morning, I could barely open my eyes, much less reach out and answer the phone when it rang.  The stiffness and exhaustion are so overwhelming.  So I rolled over and stretched.  And rolled over and stretched again.  Then I rolled out of bed.  I picked up my bra and…and…tossed it on the dresser.  That’s what those sweet little $1.68 camisoles from Wal-Mart are for, right?  I pulled on one of those, grabbed a stretch knit pull-over dress from the closet and slipped my feet into the memory foam in-soled, cheap slip on tennies under the edge of  the bed.  One spoon instead of three for getting dressed.

Next, stop to pray for the day and ask God for HIS strength and HIS endurance.   Thank you LORD!!

Oh man, why did I have to look in the mirror.  *Note to self:  Bathrooms do NOT need a whole WALL of mirrors.  Well, stop and praise God.  I HAVE hair, and most of it is on my head.  Another spoon goes to brushing and fastening my hair out of my face so I don’t have to deal with it all day.

Now on to the day’s tasks.  I wrote out this wonderful list on Monday, of everything that I needed to get done before my son and his lovely lady arrive next week.  Today is Wednesday and I’m already a day behind.  But, I padded the list with three extra days to rest before they arrive, so, with the help of my hubby and sons, we’ve got this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am praying for us all to have the Strength and Endurance of our Loving Heavenly Father as we juggle the extra stresses of the Holidays, and that we prioritize the true meaning of the season over the busy-ness and take care of ourselves in the process.  Have a Blessed day!



  • I love Ur blog. Especially the part where u roll out of bed and the mirror issue. Sounds just like me. Lol. And I never put thought that others also plan out a number of days for any extra activities. I certainly do. Forget about wearing a bra, I’m home alone all day. I, yet, have to grocery shop for Thanksgiving, but I did buy the turkey last month. Thank u for Ur lovely prayer. Yes we need all the strength we can get and save our spoons for those busy days. God bless u hon and Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Ur loved ones.

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    • Thank you so MUCH. I really needed this today. I have spent most of the morning on the phone dealing with details for my Mom to be released from Rehab to gain her strength back, to go home with my brother. Praying for you, and you have a great holiday with your loved ones. It’s awesome to know that we are not alone, and that God has a plan and a purpose to teach empathy.


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