When the Shoe is on the Other Foot….

Wow, this journey just takes twists and turns, right and left.  Mom is finally out of the Rehab Center, and she only made minimal progress while there.  So, once again, I am out of state, nearly 500 miles away from my family to help my brother get her settled back in to the home routine.  Again.  And I mean AGAIN!  I have lost track of the number of trips that I have made in my old 1999 Mercury Mountaineer.  She sure is a dependable vehicle. During Mom’s last hospitalization, during some routine tests, they ‘accidentally’ discovered that she has what they are calling “Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver”.  The Hospitalist that was following her immediately said “Autoimmune related.”.  Fast forward, 4 weeks in Rehab, and nearly two weeks at home, we make a trip to the nearest big city, to a Gastroenterology Liver Specialist.  He began by telling us that the liver damage was causing all of her confusion and probably all of her dementia symptoms.  Also, at her age, and with all her other health issues, she’s not a candidate for a transplant.  Then after reviewing her ultrasound results, he ordered MANY blood tests.  When we went to the lab, it took two Techs and three sticks to get BARELY enough to fill the SIX tubes of blood.  For days, now, I have been hovering over the MyChart results for results.  Protime-INR, normal; Mitochondrial Antibody, IgG Titer, normal; ANA, normal; Smooth Muscle Antibody, IgG Titer, normal……on and on and ON.  Then very early this morning, something I had never encountered in all the tests that they have ever run on her or me, Alpha-1-Antitrypsin… WAY off the normal range.  I hit WebMD and did a search.  Yep, we fit the profile.  It’s Saturday, so we have to wait for the Dr.’s office to review the results early next week before they contact us to tell us what it all means.  In the mean time, I will do some more research, and await the results of the rest of her tests.  And remember that God is in control, and trust HIM.  Oh, and the shoe on the other foot?  Changing and bathing my Mom, like she did for me when I was a babe.  It’s tough at times, but she did it for me and my Bro, right?

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