Baby, it’s Cold Outside….and Stiff Inside.

I can tell you two days before it’s going to snow, rain or have a change of weather of any kind.  Cold is especially brutal.  Combine cold with wet, and OH MY!!!!

So, it’s sit down and wrap up.  Catch up on my favorite Canadian and British shows via NetFlix and drink LOTS of hot tea.

NOTES to SELF: (Yes, plural)

  • Bacterial Pneumonia IS catching.  Wear the good bacterial masks while helping to care for my 80 year old mother when she is being treated for pneumonia.  Or has ANY sign of nasal drainage or a cough, or cold.  Period.
  • Pick up the COLD water glass to take the extra prednisone required while taking anti-biotics for the aforementioned Bacterial Pneumonia that I caught from my Mom.  The hot tea dissolved the pills WAY too fast and they taste TERRIBLE!!!  Not to mention the scalding of my already sore throat.

Yep, it’s THAT day.  Smile, God LOVES us!!!!  We are BEAUTIFUL in His sight.  He has a plan and a purpose, even for this. It has slowed me down to rest.  Rest is an acceptable use of time.  Resting to let my body heal is NOT being lazy, it is being prudent.

So, take time to rest and have a great rest of the week.

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